Fun Facts

Sometimes I like to learn quirks about people. Do you remember those survey type questionnaires that would make their way through the internet? I secretly loved them. It was fun choosing “Coke or Pepsi”, “Beach or Mountains” and “Cake or Ice cream”. Both would be the only appropriate answer for the last two options, by the way.

So here is where you can find some quirks about me. Ya know, just in case we are strangers you could send me some facts and quirks about YOU! I love anyone who takes time out of their day to read anything I have shared. Share back!! Comment below or DM me. I’d really love to hear some of your weird quirks or fun facts about you J

xoxo Kelsey

  • I LOVE green chile. Since I am originally from Albuquerque this shouldn’t be a real shocker. Colorado is home now, but I really miss having green chile “everything”.
  • I hate beans (pinto, kidney, black, etc.) Always have, always will. I will eat just about anything other than beans though! Shellfish, escargot, frog legs and oysters.
  • My first day of driving myself to high school, I locked my keys in my car. While the car was still running. If that’s not a talent, I don’t know what is.
  • I sleep walk, talk and complete tasks (with my eyes open) and without recollection of it the next day. It will feel like a weird dream and sometimes I wake up while doing whatever it is I am doing in my sleep. It terrifies my husband.
  • I teach Chinese children English in the wee hours of the morning. They are 15 hours ahead of me time wise and so I tutor them and teach them lessons in English 5 days a week, while my husband and kiddos sleep.
  • I loved giving birth. Loved every single minute of it. Yes, I had an epidural both times and yes, I remember every single moment. I would do it all again tomorrow…..I know, I’m a freak.

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